To promote the knowledge of Varma Health Science throughout the world.
To collect and preserve the palm scripts and manuscripts of ancient Varma medical literature.
To standardize the exact location of Varma points with the guidelines of many classical Varma medical texts and traditional Varma practitioners.

To establish the cross-reference works of classical Varma texts, published textbooks, and practical books of Varma medicine in an International standard.

To undertake programs and projects, co-operate, and collaborate with government and non-government organizations for the development of Varma medical science.

To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and free medical camps in various branches of the Varma system of medicine.

To formulate schemes for continuing education and conducting practical training programs in various disciplines of Varma medical science and prepare eminent Varma therapists and Varma physicians to promote rural health and family welfare.

To establish an active network between the traditional / diploma/graduate Varma medical practitioners and other individuals and groups who can contribute to the Varma medical science and form an association at a national level.
To form a manufacturing unit and to prepare Varma medicines for Varma medical practice.

Health for all through our Indian system of Varma medicine. “One Village; One Varma Therapist”