About CVMR

  • The Centre for Varma Medicine and Research (CVMR), located in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India is a Centre for Varma Healthcare with Research and Training programmes in Varma system of medicine.
  • Dr. T. Kannan Rajaram, BSMS, MD, MSc., CYT (Hons.) is the founder and director of CVMR and Dr. M.R. Felicital, BSc., MBBS, DND, DHSc (Diab.) is the secretary of CVMR.
  • CVMR was established exclusively for the development and propagation of Varma Medicine world widely.
  • CVMR is analysing every classical varma texts carefully and explain the meanings in an understanding level with essential diagrammatic support to reveal the secrets of Varma medical science.
  • CVMR is trying to translate the Tamil Varma medical books in English, Hindi and other languages gradually

Meet the Team

The Team  Involved in the activity of Varmam Therapy along with CVMR is VKRC.

Dr Kannan Rajaram

Dr. T. Kannan Rajaram

BSMS, MD, MSc., CYT (Hons.)

The Founder and Director of CVMR

Dedicated Researcher and Author of Many Tamil  Varmam Books

Next Steps...

For More details on Varmam Healing and Training.  Please feel free to contact us.