Origin of Varma Medical Science


The Varma is more than 7,000 year old system of medicine, that originated in Lemurian continent alias Kumari Kandam (50,000 BC – 16,000 BC).  So we can say that “Varma” is a pioneer of all healing systems.  Because the Lemurian continent has been the first place on earth to experience the existence of the origin of life on the whole of earth.  When Lemurians alias Tamilians were in the culmination of civilization, the continent of Lemuria alias Kumari Kandam was engulfed by the sea except a tiny piece of Kumari-land where the varma system of medicine was left behind.  Now a days, that Kumari-land is known as “Kanyakumari” and it is the mother land of varma, situated the southern most part of the Indian peninsula.

The knowledge of varma medical science originates in Tamil language which is one of the most ancient living-language in the world.  So varma medicine is the most ancient Indian system of medicine as old as the Tamil literature Tholkappiyam (7000 BC)

Varma was invented by Lord Sivan – the Prime Siddhar, who is handed it down to his consort Parvathi Devi, assistant Nandi Devar and his son Lord Murugan – the Tamil God, who teach the sacred knowledge to siddhar Agathiyar and Bohar Varma was established in India by Agathiyar and Bohar and in China by Bohar and in later Bodhi Dharmar (479-543 BC)



With time, this oral tradition was transcribed on palm-leaf manuscripts and later, it was practiced by the Tamil scholars.  Thus, the Tamil scholars got the Varma medical knowledge from their ancestral roots in the prehistorial Lemurian continent popularly known as Kumari Kandam.  It has been traditional therapy of Tamilians who used it not only as a therapy but also as an art of self-defence.

Before man began to use herbal, chemical and animal things as remedy, he found out that they could use his own fingers as remedy and it was called “Kai-maruthuvam” (Hand-remedy), which is now popularly known as “Varma medicine”. So we have every reason to think that varmam belonged to ancient period.

Varmam is an evolutionary system that perpetually renew itself as each generation interprets and applies its profound principles.  In a later stage Varma Therapy developed itself with the help of so many internal and external medicines and it became a unique Varma system of medicine.  It was constructed by its own philosophy that is the human beings are made up of three bodies and it is activated by 96 basic principles.  So we can certainly say that Varma medicine is the first Indian system of medicine.