Varma Points are the points  (sites / centers / stations) to controle the life-energy flow and they absorb the energy from one or more organs or varma point(s) and pump it to other one or more organs or varma point(s) systematically.  On the other hand, it is a station in which energy is stored and conducted through channel - network.  So the job of the varma point is to enhance the force, that regulate the flow of the life-energy through the channels.

• 8000 Varma Points (Ref. : Varma Urpathi Narambarai-1500)
• 828 Important Varma Points (Ref.: Varma Oli – 1000)
• 108 Very Important Varma Points (Ref. : Varma Kannadi – 500)

“Ullapadi noottedu thalam chavakum
  Unarvaaki athalankal uiru makum
Kallamutta athalankal piniyu makum
  Kalankamattal athalankal sukamae kaanum
Ullunarvai athalankal vaasi yeatta
  Uttathinal athalankal uruthi cherum
Pulladipoel athalankal kanda varkal
  Pugalaarkal yellorum puviyel ullorkae”

(Varma Odivu Murivu Sarasoothiram - 1200)

Penta-actives of Varma Points :
Varma Points consist of five different actions as stated below :
1. Varma Points – save life (Physiological aspect)
2. Varma Points – cause disease (Pathological aspect)
3. Varma Points – cure disease (Therapeutic aspect)
4. Varma Points – give longivity (Preventive aspect)
5. Varma Points – caue death (Traumatic aspect)