Stage II : VARMAN (Pupil)

Course : Learners Training Programme

Duration : 4 days (Saturday & Sunday x 2)

Syllabus :

(i) Two days programme-I (Compulsary)
• Location and Therapeutic values of 108 varma points by Finger- breadth measurement techniques.
• Treatment methods for Varma diseases
• Varma Relieving methods (Varma Elakku Muraigal)
• Varma massage methods (Varma Thadavu Muraigal)
• Therapeutics

(ii) Two days programme-II (Compulsary)
• Location of Adankal Varma Points.
• Therapeutic techniques of Adankal Varma points.
• Varma Pressure methods (Varma Amarthal Muraigal)
• Therapeutics.

Cours Materials :  

1. Practical Handbook for Learners of Varma Therapy.
2. Textbook on Finger-breadth measurement Techniques to Locate Varma Points.