Stage IV : VARMA ASSAN (Varma Master)


Course : Advanced Training Programme

Duration : 4 days (Saturday & Sunday x 2)

Syllabus :

(i) Two days programme-I (Compulsary)
• Location of varma points - Regional study.
• Varma Stamping methods. (Varma Chavuttu Muraigal)
• Varma Blowing methods. (Varma Thattu Muraigal
• Regional - varma massage
• Varma Medicinal preparations.

(ii) Two days programme-II (Compulsary)
• Varma Orthopaedics
• Dislocations
• Fractures

• Reduction Techniques and Splinting
Cours Materials : 

Practical Guide to Advanced Practitioners of Varma Therapy.
Note : After compleation of “Varma Assan coursed fellowship in Varma Therapy” award will be given.